About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Windhorst Polled Herefords. The operation consists of Duane and Karen Windhorst along with their three children; Rachel and husband Shane Ideus, son Ryan, and Kim along with husband Tyler. Shane and Rachel have three children, Jaxon, Breeley & Madelyn ; Kim and Tyler have 2 children Harper and Logan.

Our cattle operation originated just like a lot of families with breeding heifer projects for county fairs. In the early l960’s we were able to raise our own replacement heifers from these projects and thus our herd started. Over the years we purchased herd bulls as well as bred females from many Polled Hereford breeders in Nebraska and neighboring states. The foundation for the operation was laid by Virgil and Eunice Windhorst, parents of Duane, as well as aunt and uncle Sterling and Myrna Hespen. Through their guidance, a standard was set for the type of cattle that needed to be produced and how they were to be raised. Even though these individuals are no longer part of the operation, their influence is still seen daily in how the cattle are raised and managed.

The herd is based off of the desire to provide functional, highly productive breeding stock for both commercial and purebred cattlemen. Polled Hereford bulls and bred heifers have been marketed through our Annual Production Sale in early March. Through working with guest consigners Niedermeyer Farms of Cook, NE and Kenneth and Larry Larsen of Decatur, NE over the last several years, we were able to hold our 35th consecutive sale in March of 2010.

After 35 years, we decided to adjust how we offered our breeding stock. The same stout breeding bulls and same fancy bred females will continue to be offered for sale, but on a private basis. We value our customers that have expressed confidence in WPH cattle and we look forward to offering our selection to future customers as well.

Visitors are always welcome. Let us know if there is any way our operation can help yours.